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The development of a society, nation or people is closely related to its educational attainments. Education is the sum total of the experiences of an individual where the parents and the environment play a significant role. Every child is a unique creation of god and has been gifted with immense fascination towards newness, learning and acquiring skills of analyzing, understanding and exploring the unexplored. Education adds rationality to ones thinking makes one knowledgeable and self-sufficient. The quality of one’s life stems from the quality of education one gets in the childhood. The learning process has to generate interest in students and motivate them to nurture the learning experience in life time than to run away from it. It is an integral part of children’s growth and help them to become good human beings.

Education is an ongoing processing lifetime of an individual, a process from being to becoming. The contribution of schooling in building character and intellectual capacity is immense. We at K.P.C. English High School are committed towards importing quality education which envisages holistic development of children, by identifying the strengths and weakness of students and help them to acquire skills to build on strengths and overcome weakness at the same time.

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Mrs.Chhaya Chheda

- School Principal (principal@kpcedu.in)

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